A Vanilla/Classic Shaiya Server?

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  • I know this is a long shot and the only reason I will be bringing this up as an idea to GM staff and Aeria Games all together. I started playing Shaiya just about when it came out (ep2/3). As the years have passed a lot has changed with the game and the player base has died little by little. I was going to post a thought of having a classic/vanilla server when I believe Shaiya had its peak player base. I was wondering if it is possible to make a ep4 or 4.5 server? If any Shaiya Vet players still play I'm pretty sure they might agree with me. I am just posting this as a thought to bring back some players and the player base to Shaiya since it is a fun game to play (and rage). Hopefully we can get a response if not I would just like to thank Aeria Games for an amazing time I had playing the game and people I have met while playing the game and High School days I skipped due to the game. The long nights staying up for Kimu, Sera & Dios raids with amazing PvP (when it was about 2-4 raids on each side). Please bump or spread this so it can be reach by the higher ups. <3:saint:8o

  • it's kinda sad that no one commented on this yet.

    Giovanni, a few years ago they created the Phoenix server, which was intended to be an AP free server where things would drop in game and it was 1 ep behind the main servers.

    At first it was great and the first night it opened we got like 5k kills in 15 pvp since people were pvping practically naked.

    With time, when the server population was steady, they started selling AP items for Phoenix, because, of course they needed to sustain the server somehow. But then it just became a separate server, that didn't have the last updates and where you still had to pay real money to get the best stuff. People started quitting or moving back to OS and eventually they closed the server and moved the players back to OS.

    Even though your idea is super nice and I miss the ep4 too, specially the priests skills, I believe that it will have the same end as Phoenix.

    However if we all ask for it, maybe we get some skills back, some dungeons update to get bosses that drop useful stuff and revive the maps to help new players grind again.

  • hey,

    The problem us that the bosses that dropped something were from earlier episodes, bosses that are now 1or 2 hits for a maxed person. Cause the lvls changed and the links changed (higher lvl lapis) more stats.

    Also the drops are outdated for bosses.

    GMs have to understand that items back then are worthless now.

    Same with pvp maps they have those featherbosses, but as a non geared new player its impossible to kill.

    So the only pple helped with this are pvpers.

    What GMs should do is make bosses spauwn in various pve maps, so the 1st map the boss drops imperial gear and maybe a triple craft shrewd or mystic lapis.

    In the second map a boss that drops a legendary piece and the same kinda lapis.

    Also a better droprate on lapisias would be nice.

    And honnestly take the freaking ticket quest away out of the dungeon.

    Its retarded to see most of the players in the gane just sitting ontop of eachoter idle just pressing the quests.

    Pple should go in dungeon should have to make parties to be able to survive.

    I remember going in a dungeon were there was good exp but you needed a whole party to be able to survive.

    People were calling to make a perfect party to double the exp.

    All im saying is that people should be able to make some basic gear. So they can atleast handle the bosses in the pvp zones so they can farm feathers and sell them for 5 ops and keep doing that till they get the big items.

    BL4CKSTAR 8)