GS Round up

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    GS Roundup

    By [GS]Skully & [GS]Wendolyn

    Howdy Partners. Our GS's are on the loose and we need to gather them up. Can you find them by taking their pics. The more you get in one shot the more points you will be given. Can you win our GS Rodeo Roundup.

    Post all Screenshots here to this thread as a reply. This contest will start July 30, 2018 and end August 5, 2018.


    1) Gs’s must be captured by means of SS and points are given based on the GS captured.

    2) If more than one GS is in a pic or a GS is in PvP a bonus 5 points are given in addition to the points for each GS captured.

    3) Only 1 ss of each GS can be submitted.

    4) Timeframe for completion is 6 Days

    5) First player to 95 points gets 1st Prize

    6) Second player to 95 gets 2nd Prize

    7) Third player to 95 gets 3rd Prize

    8)- Lower level players get 5 points for each GS they capture

    9) If multiple GSes are in a screenshot and also in PVP , players get an additional 5 bonus points for the multiple GS and 5 bonus points for each GS in PVP screenshot

    8) Time and date of ss must be supplied and names of GS’s and player must be visible.

    Point System

    [GS]Alone 10 points

    [GS]Skully 10 points

    [GS]Wling 10 points

    [GS]Rattler 10 points

    [GS]Wendolyn 10 points

    [SGS]Spankie 15 points

    [LGS]Diamond 20 points


    1st Place: 30 Day Conti, 30 Day Pid, 30 Day EE

    2nd Place: 15 Day Conti, 2x 7 Day Pids, 2x 7 Day EE

    3rd Place: 7 Day Conti, 7 day Pid, 7 Day EE

  • Congratulations on your first event, [GS]Skully :thumbup::)

    Here's my entry so far!

    [GS]Diamond, [GS]Skully and [GS]Spankie- in Glitter doing ingame event!


    [GS]Wling is supervising Iris.


    [GS]Wendolyn serving tequila to [GS]Spankie and [GS]Skully in AH. *hiccup*


    [GS]Alone decided to join [GS]Wendolyn's tequila party! Zawie is still drinking here, but [GS]Wling had enough! *hiccup hiccup*



    Additional fun picture (no points)

    Party on-going at [GS]Wendolyn's bar! Yas yas yas, slam baby, slam! :thumbup::saint: