Producer Letter October 2018

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Unfortunately, we have recently received more and more information that there are also e-mails in circulation that advertise an Aeria competition.

Such a competition does not exist. This is an unauthorized promotion.

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  • Producer Letter - October 2018


    Dear Shaiyans,

    Two things in Shaiya are new:

    1: The long-awaited Mother of Raptor patch is finally online. I hope that you all enjoy the new quest line (and it’s rewards, of course!).

    2: Me, your new Product Manager. I started to work on Shaiya last week, so obviously I was not involved in creating the new patch itself, so all credit goes to the team and the old PM.

    The patch is however an important milestone for Shaiya. As part of the handover between me and the old PM I made myself familiar with what has happened before. It is an important reminder to ourselves that Aeriagames has been purely a publisher in the past and we recently started to develop the games on our own.

    And setting up your own in-house development is always harder than you initially might think. It was a quite a bumpy road to set the correct IT infrastructure up, to get all the correct equipment, tools and licenses in place and then figure the best processes and procedures out. I understand that you, our players, were frustrated, because you did not get a lot of new content during that time, but believe me: You will profit from the technical foundations and groundwork that have been laid in the past months.

    The good news is that this now all in place as evidenced by the Mother of Raptor-Patch. Right now we are optimizing our QA processes to further reduce the time between the patches. Our goal: To have a new content for you every four to six weeks. Is this a promise for a new patch before Helloween? No. Our next patch will include a change of our login system that requires extensive testing, so our current plan will not work if we encounter more issues than we are expecting right now.

    What I can promise you, is that we will get better with every new patch and that we will get closer and closer to that 4-6 weeks cycle as we learn and adapt. We do have a long-term plan: Shaiya is now over 11 years old and we plan to add many more years by keeping the improvement process.

    For all of you who did not fall asleep during all this technical babbling: I am sorry that I did not write a more entertaining Producer Letter, but I think you deserve some information about our issues behind the scenes.

    The next letters will contain more gameplay related information. I fact, now is the best time for you to give us your feedback! As I explained, we will be able to pump out more patches in the future. We can also consider more wishes and suggestions from your side. So let us know what you think!

    In addition to the gameplay developments, we also constantly work on improving all other aspects of the MMO experience. We started a new process by deeply involving the Game Sages in order to provide more events and free up resources for better support and community management. To reflect this process we will change the nametags from Game Sage to Game Master, just like we changed our tags to Community Manager.

    I look forward to working with you all!


    PM Mountain King