Heard Around the Battlefield

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  •    34rs-Mage-Reduced.jpg Heard Around the Battlefield 34rs-War-Male-Reduced.jpg

    This event is going to be a little different from others. Acrostics and Cryptograms have been specifically created for this

    34rs-Fighter-Male-Crop-Reduced.jpgAn acrostic is a word puzzle in which certain letters of each line form a word. 34rs-Hunter-Reduced.jpg


    Teachers text.

    Exams establish.

    Samplings show.

    Teachings enter.

    Take the first letter of each line to reveal the word:  TEST

    Warning: Acrostic poems may seem nonsensical.


    34rs-Ranger-Reduced.jpgCryptograms are words written in code. 34rs-Pag-Male-Reduced.jpg

    This sample cryptogram is based on the word formed in the acrostic poem above

    Cnic - Test

    So -

    34rs-Priest-Male-Reduced.jpgWhat you will need:34rs-Pag-Reduced.jpg

    Your thinking cap

    34rs-Defender-Reduced.jpgWhat you do:34rs-Sin-Male-Reduced.jpg

    Put on the thinking cap

    Solve the following puzzles

    The first line has been done for you in each puzzle.

    Every 3 days a new word will be revealed to help solve the code in that puzzle.

    Hint: Keep in mind the event name


    Xaqkpec hkvl kclsk

    [Foreign keys ensue.]

    Hcabnkjekfynk espjkl nkfj

    Kwmpqpdfn xpgl dacdsq

    Vasgo wkkgl fdopktk


    Snffu jaymaytej wzmtbyjk

    [Jolly shepherds unpriest.]

    Wzpnzjpbnwj cbjayj pnzpwt.

    Jydytgf kgfqj jmygq.

    Kbrak rgkaytj vtbzr.

    Egbfu mtguytj mtgu.

    Bzkytzgkbnzgf lyykj pndyt.


    Jwbpbegf cbjayj jkyl.

    Mgrgz rneeyjjyj swery.

    Yiibpbyzk lyykj yewpgky.

    Fgxu itgzpbjpgzj yhmytbyzpy.


    Dksfwpstck lmtus edq.

    [Responsive wails cry.]

    Kkdtk vwlus spwdj.


    Gksfkdmjk swxs ndwmp.

    Tpkctjmxuk ndybxuks bwmp.

    Sjtoukg ndwmps ndypj.

    Gkmg edkks sfmdr.

    Kukbkpjmu gtkjs okkg.

    .. .. .. [diets]

    Mfumsjte edtsks kieumtb.


    Gkutnvjoyu lmpjwps rter.
    Submit answers here

    34rs-Mage-Male-Reduced.jpgAnswer Forms may not be edited after submission.34rs-Orc-Reduced.jpg

    34rs-Priest-Reduced.jpgOne submission per account.34rs-Hunter-Male-Reduced.jpg


    100 points are possible

    5 points for each correct Acrostic Word Formed

    25 points for each Cryptogram poem solved

    10 points for the first submission

    5 points for the second submission

    3 points for the third submission

    Timestamp will be used to determine submission date and time

    In case of a tie, a random name will be drawn

    34rs-Archer-Crop-Reduced.jpgDates: January 4, 2019 - January 14, 201934rs-Guard-Male-Reduced.jpg


    1st -

    30 Day Conti

    30 Day Pid

    30 Day Eternal Endurance

    50 Regnums

    2nd -
    15 Day Conti

    2x 7 Day Pids

    2x 7 day Eternal Endurance

    25 Regnums

    3rd -

    7 Day Conti

    7 Day Pid

    7 Day Eternal Endurance

    10 Regnums

    34rs-Defender-Reduced.jpg 34rs-Orc-Male-Reduced.jpg