New Years Fireworks...

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  • newyear-fireworks-2018-dubai-uae.jpg

    Most of the world celebrates the new year it reflects a time of rememberance of the old year and the promise of a brighter one.

    People make promises and resolutions to do things differently or try new things.

    There are many parties and celebrations including the toast to bring in the new year.

    So I would like to hear how you celebrate your new years where you are....


    Also I would like to see your best in game Screen shots of the fireworks.

    There are three different types of fireworks in Shaiya

    You will get 1 point for each type you submit for a possible total of three.

    Then they will be judged for the best SS.

    Also for telling me your New Years Traditions you will get 5 points.

    This contest will start December 30 and end on January 5th.


    There will be three winners

    Top Winner will get their choice of a 30 d costume of choice

    or a 30 d mount of choice

    or a 30 d pet of choice.

    Second place will get their choice of a

    30 d mount or pet.

    Third place will get their choice of a

    30 d costume