Stupid Cupid Party

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    Stupid Cupid Party

    For those of us that are members of the Lonely Hearts Club, we have events for you to do on this holiday.

    We have:

    Balloon-o-Gram Design a Wall Banner Stupid Cupid's Weapon Upgrade
    Please note the date extensions for this event.


    Select a template. Use the template to express your (anti-) Valentine's Day sentiments.

    Please, keep all decorations appropriate for all ages. Any decorations not will be disqualified and removed!

    coloring-Balloon.jpg     coloring-Heart.jpg

    Stupid Cupid Wall Banner

    Use the template to decorate your wall with a festive feeling.

    Please, keep all decorations appropriate for all ages. Any decorations not will be disqualified and removed!


    Stupid Cupid's Weapon Upgrade

    Choose a weapon from Shaiya's vast arsenal to arm Cupid for our party.

    Which weapon will he use?

    Tell us why you chose that one.


    Official Event begins February 4th, 2019 through February 12th, 2019
    Extended until February 19th, 2019

    Polls will open on February 13th, 2019 and will close February 15th.

    Due to extension of this events: Polls will open on February 20th, 2019 and will close on February 22nd, 2019

    Winners will be decided upon by the community


    1st - 30 Day Conti 30 Day Pid 30 Day Eternal Endurance

    2nd - 15 Day Conti 2x 7 day Pids 2x 7 day Eternal Endurance

    3rd - 7 Day Conti 7 day Pid 7 Day Eternal Endurance

    Stupid-Cupid-right.jpg                                                                                                        Stupid-Cupid-left.jpg