Valentine's Day - Event

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  • Valentine_Official_Event.jpg

    Valentine's Day is celebrated annually around the world at February 14.

    Almost each country has their own traditions and ways how to celebrate.

    For some it is all about the love and for some it is about the friends. For some it might be just spreading kindness and cheer up others, but there’s also strong independent persons who needs no others, and also some who thinks it just total humbug, or something between!


    But for us it means a nice event with different tasks and prizes !


    Participate on all different tasks to get higher chance to win!

    Tasks you can participate to:

    Valentine’s Day card: Design your own kind of card!

    Poems: Write down a poem with theme of Valentine’s Day!

    Date Menu: Create your own menu for Valentine’s Day!

    Secret Love Letter: Write down a letter we publish anonymously !

    Confess Love: Take a screenshot with a GM and use “Love” action!

    Couples picture: Take a screenshot with your friend or significant other or a mob and decorate it.


    • Fill in the participation form (For possible prizes.)
    • Create your own designs and poems. Plagiarism is not allowed.
    • PG-13, ToS and Rules apply.
    • Send your Secret Love Letter via form, others tasks below.
    • You can participate to each task once.


    *Valentine’s Day card: 1st: 5 points, 2nd: 4 points, 3rd: 3 points, others: 2 points.

    Poems: 4 points.

    *Date Menu: 1st : 5 points, 2nd: 4 points, 3rd: 3 points, others: 2 points.

    Secret Love Letter: 2 points.

    Confess Love: SS per GM: 5 points.

    Couples picture: 2 points.

    (Winners of the tasks with * will be voted by team)


    1st: 1x 30 Day Continuous Resurrection Rune, 1x 30 Day Prevent of Item Drop, 1x 30 Day Eternal Endurance, 50x Regnum Potion and 20x Recreation Runes
    2nd: 1x 15 Day Resurrection Rune, 2x 7 Day Prevent of Item Drop, 2x 7 Day Eternal Endurance, 25x Regnum Potion and 10x Recreation Runes

    3rd: 1x 7 Day Continuous Resurrection Rune, 1x 7 Day Prevent of Item Drop, 1x 7 Day Eternal Endurance, 10x Regnum Potion and 5x Recreation Runes

    Participation prize: 10x Regnum Potion, 5x Crowly Costume Dye


    Event starts: 04.02.2019

    Event ends: 22.02.2019


    Design your own kind of card by using any software e.g: Paint/Photoshop/GIMP or you can draw it.

    Upload it to any image hosting site e.g Imgur, tinypic etc and post it below!


    Write your own "My Valentine’s Day" - themed poem and post it below!
    Do not plagiarize others.


    Create a complete Valentine's Day menu (with appetizer, main course and dessert) to serve to your date with significant other or friend(s) or family or just to treat yourself.

    Use the items you can find or the food objects you can find from the maps to create the menu.

    Each course has to have at least 2 ingredients you can find in game.


    Menu to treat myself:

    Appetizer: Smoked Salmon salad

    Lemon juice
    Chopped dill

    Salt and pepper

    Salad leaves

    Salmon (ingame)

    Green Herb to season (ingame)

    Main course: Chicken-Fireshroom risotto

    Chicken (ingame)
    Fireshroom (ingame)

    Dessert: Chocolate-cherry cake


    Banana (ingame)


    Flours (Ingame)


    Baking powder

    Whipped cream


    Chocolate sauce


    Do you want to confess your love to a fellow player?

    Do you want to give a compliment to someone?

    Do you want to share your love with the world?

    Do you want to tell your friend you appreciate them?

    Do you want to send letter to yourself?

    Or do you just like writing letters or writing in general?

    Express your feelings towards someone or compliment yourself by a secret love letter!

    Write down your letter via ~form~ and we will publish them anonymously under the post on their own section.


    Take a screenshot with yourself and any of the Game Masters, where you are using the basic skill “Love”.

    In the screenshot has to visible:

    1. Minimap for the time and date
    2. Your character
    3. Any of the Game Masters
    4. Chat box with the text: “x confesses love with charm.”

    How to use the skill:

    1. Press “B” to open the Basic Action menu.

    2. Press skill “Love”.



    Take a screenshot with your significant other, friend(s), pet, mount or mobs and decorate the screenshot as you desire for the Valentine’s day theme.
    Upload it to any image hosting site e.g Imgur, tinypic etc and post it below!


  • Valentine_The_secret_Love_Letters.jpg


    I want to tell you that I need you here with me from now on. I live day to day thinking about you. I picture everything about you in my mind, as if you were really here beside me. When I fall asleep, I dream of you, and I can feel you near me.

    My world is spinning and I can't sleep. My throat closes whenever you speak. My heart bursts just being around you. I take note of your every word, your every movement. My eyes drop down whenever you look at me with that bashful smile. This tension is tearing me apart.

    How can I get closer to you? I'm too shy to talk to you, so right now it feels safer to watch you from afar and not be rejected. You have a place in my mind. I wish you'd tell me everything I want to hear, but haven't yet. I want you to tell me that you want me, but I haven't heard that yet. Every time I think of you, I can feel the butterflies fluttering inside me. You don't notice me or the way I look at you; maybe it's because you only see me as a friend and nothing more. I wish I knew.

    At night I lay in bed and dream of you coming to my door, pulling me to you and holding me tight. I imagine whispering in your ear how much I want you. I want you to hold me. I need to hear your voice. I imagine being wrapped in your arms and then pressed tightly against you. I want you to make me feel a part of you. Every time we touched, I would feel like we're the only ones in existence.

    But as I sit here, watching the sun drop slowly into the horizon, my heart sinks with it. When will I learn? You would never want me. I'm not perfect, beautiful, or anything important. I will have to let go the dream of you and me together.

    Your secret love,


    I dream of your gentle touch, and warm embrace. Your magic arrow has pierced my heart and struck me down. I'm a fool for your whimsical movements and desire them more with every breath. My yearning for you grows stronger with every beat of my heart and every fiber of my being will be torn asunder without you with me.

    Your secret Love.


    Shaiya you were my love and passion. The first game I became so enthralled with. I saw you in times where our levels was 60 and the few players running around with a yellow star were considered Gods.
    I remember leveling in jungle where it was a constant struggle to get through the masses of pvper who lived there. When one time me in my nubbiest gear was rescued by someone I considered a savior and given safe passage thru the masses of furries gathered there.

    My first encounter of pvp at its finest and I was intrigued.
    My second came in the form of a GS although he was of the opposing faction, he stole my heart and stole my loyalty and turned me away from the light and sent me into the delight I found in fury.

    We spent hour upon hours fighting non stop side by side toe to toe to win the battles in our beloved jungle that never seemed to end.
    I learnt my class the hard way and I learned it well I fell in love with it and have never strayed from it to this day.

    Then one day the Gods of Shaiya dealt us a terrible blow and took our beloved jungle away and put robots into our fantasy game.
    The pvpers ran to cog and stayed there till they were bored. The theme of our game and our lives destroyed.

    My letter is but a simple plea to the Devs of the game and the powers that be, bring back our jungle make our game strong. We love the old Shaiya hear our calls and we will show you just how loyal we are.


    Though you are gone from my earthly sight low these many years, you still remain with me in my heart. Every day I feel your presence in my life, the better person that I became because of you, a constant reminder. I hear the rhythmic tom-tom of your Native-born heart and your owl spirit in the treetops outside my window. In times of need, the owl spirit comes to me, watches over me, guides me, and protects me. Just as you always did when we walked hand in hand, giving our strength to each other.

    Oh how I long to hold you tight, draw you near to me while endlessly drifting in our moonlight dances. I long to hear you singing all of those old, meaningful songs we shared. The songs setting the tempo for our preparations while we cooked dinner. I yearn for the silken feel of your tanned skin as I caressed the taut muscles beneath. I hug myself as I am missing the electricity moving through me at the very touch of your gentleness on bare skin. Staring off into emptiness, I remember how you would hold my gaze with every footstep placed or catch my breath as you entered a room with the sudden awareness of your musky presence.

    A proud and compassionate soul, sparing me from what was endured at the end, has left me with all these happy longings and memories of how deep in love we were. These gifts of joy pushing aside the sadness left by your loss while the memories of each day's specialness fills my soul with your love. One more time I utter I love you to your spirit in the treetops and watch as the owl flies off towards the heavens with my message. As long as I remember your love, I will love with all my heart, now and forever.


  • The doorbell rings to my heart,

    When brought silphium gifts

    Declaring undying love's start

    A sudden blush attention shifts

    Sweet chocolate to be devour

    Magnificent doily-like card

    Perfume rising up from flower

    Songs of love written by a bard

    Sentiments filling a dozen barrows

    Unleashing a swirling flurry

    Of Cupid's bulls-eyed arrows

    Without woe's of worry.

  • Couples Picture


    Valentines Day Card



    On this of all Valentine's Day

    I have one single prayer I pray

    That all of your wishes all come true

    That your true loves finds you....

    Valentines Day Dinner


    Bananna Soup

    Made from the freshest Green Ripe and Golden Bannannas


    The main course

    Succulent Young Pig


    Reptillia Meats

    served over

    Rice Cakes

    with buttered Fireshrooms

    and savory Torin Plum Sauce




    Apples Flambe

    Tender Red Apples baked into

    Egg and Cheese Crust

    Cracked Cherry Candy on top


    Served with of course AH finest of champagnes

    Haldeck Champagne