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  • Why An Archer/Hunter

    Why be an archer/hunter? Are they better than other classes? What use is there for an archer/hunter? The first thing I'm going to say is the most important thing when choosing a class of character


    • Archers/Hunters have range, the longest range of any class in the game. Besides casters, all the other classes have to fight in close combat. This range also means we take less damage since most targets cannot strike back from a distance.
    • Archers/Hunters don't need to rely on parties. We can solo just fine so we don't have to wait around for others in order to get some EXP.
    • Archers/Hunters have very high DPS (damage per second) against single targets. Combined with our range, this makes us very good in PvP and boss fights.
    • Archers'/Hunters' main attack is classified as "shooting attack". This means we get .3 ATK for every 1 LUC when we use a bow. So we get a serious ATK boost from having LUC; which means making 95% critical hit LUC builds is our specialty.
    • Archers/Hunters do not specialize in AoE attacks. But we can kill equally fast by burning through mobs one at a time. This means because of a mobs reset range we are not limited to finding spots on the map that support effective AoEing. We can kill effectively and quickly anywhere.
    • In PvP, because of our range, we have the ability to kill enemies even if they are hiding behind their guards or towers since we don't have to be close to attack them. This also makes us very powerful against squishier classes as we can pick them off in a few shots before they even realize what's going on. Also because we are LUC based, or should be, at high level we have the ability to do more damage to high defense targets like guardians. Our LUC somewhat bypassing their defense and thus giving us the ability to take them down (with help). Absolute Attack and Pantera Vision skills makes anyone a two hit kill.

    Our Weaknesses

    • The one weakness this class has is due to the ability of the damage they are able to deal, they are able to take less damage from other classes.