Mage- Pagan

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  • Why A Mage/Pagan?

    Mage/ Pagan is the hardest class to build/pvp, You have to know exactly what it is you want to be build wise and you have to know your skills. I would highly recommend that a player (even your first toon) stay in either the 15 or 30 pvp zones for a few before continue lvling.

    With this being said, the Mage/Pagan class can be one of the most deadliest classes there are in terms of attack. They are a range attacker and can deal high

    amounts of damage.


    It is extremely difficult to be a hard hitter AND survive. Unless you have uber uber gear you have to decide one or the other. There are a few things you can do to stay alive longer then your small hp allows which have already been mentioned but doesn't hurt to repeat!

    Health Assist (max lvl 2) + Diversion + Potential Motive = Self Heal

    There are many Aoe's to this class which makes it simple to either PVE or PVP with this toon.

    The beauty of being a caster is simple, you have the potential of being a force to be dealt with, even if you are not on the front line.

    BuildsWhile most Mages/Pagans I am told like to go full int, this also makes you a glass cannon.

    If the formulas are still correct the breakdown to stating and linking a Mage/Pagan looks something like this.

    • 1 Int = 1.6 magic attack power
    • 1 Wis = 5 MP, 1.3 magic attack power, 1 resist
    • 1 Luc = 0.2% critical hit chance, 0.05% critical hit evasion, 0 - 1.5 critical damage, 0.3 ranged attack power

    The Weapons

    This class will use a dagger or a staff, however you will find that most prefer the staff due to the basic stats on them.

  • Wow - if that magic attack power boost difference is only .3 between 1 Wis and 1 INT and I get all those extra goodies (MP, resist), I think I might just want to experiment build/lapis-wise.

    Back to the magic kitchen for me!

    Thank you, Diamond! This is INT-eresting!

  • Hi,

    Any change to make cast times more shorter? Mages should be a master of elements. Now your cooldowns make u cast mosty Magick missile (non elemental). Mages also should be a class, what not need elemental lapises on weapons. I dont mean to make elemental buffs, just that those skills what mages cast r elementals and replase for mage magick missile for Elemental missile, what shoot with all elemental power.

    Mages r hard to play in pvp. The hardiness is not moving around etc, just those casting skills. They r behind huge cast times. Mages should get more instant cast aoe skills with out cooldwons. When melee strike against mages, they use a lot skills vs mage who try root and cast missile and get more distance. Even archer has more instant tools to use against opponent.

    In Canta pvp u have to decide between AoE vs ST skills. After u use your 6-7 aoe skils, u have 2 minit time to wait those cooldowns.Against pvp tanks its un fair that that kind hp vs your non elemental hits againts tank is unfair. Mages should be more "the killer" - class that its now.