Easter Event

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    Hello Shaiyans!

    Easter is almost here!

    In this regard we call you up to participate in a small “Easter-Marathon-Event”. There will be four exciting tasks in between the 24th March 2018 and the 14th April 2018.


    1. Prize:

    1x Blood Avenger Costume (perm) or 1x Brave Rerio (perm) of choice

    30d Continuous Resurrection Rune

    30d Prevent Item Drop

    30d Eternal Endurance

    2. Prize:

    1x Perfect Linking Hammer

    30d Continuous Resurrection Rune

    30d Prevent Item Drop

    30d Eternal Endurance

    3. Prize:

    30d Costume of Choice

    30d Continuous Resurrection Rune

    30d Prevent Item Drop

    30d Eternal Endurance

    For all players : 1x Operator Exclusive, 20x Regnum Potion, 20x Etain Potion

    How is the winner selected?:

    Every task will give you points depending on its rank and correctness.

    • Location/NPC Hunt: Every correct NPC name will give you two points (only one faction submit will count)
    • Easter art: Rank 1: 10 points / Rank 2: 8 Points / Rank 3: 6 points / Rank 4: 5 points / Every other rank will receive 4 points.
    • Comic image: Rank 1: 10 points / Rank 2: 8 points / Rank 3: 6 points / Rank 4: 5 points / Every other rank will receive 4 points.
    • Puzzle-Event: the fastest: 10 points / the 2nd: 8 points / the 3rd: 6 points / the 5th: 5 points / Every other rank will receive 4 points.
    • Animal Hunt: Per correct animal screen shot: 2 points (only one faction submit will count).

    At the end the points of each person will be totaled to create a final rank list.

    1. Task: Location/NPC Hunt

    You have to search and find following coordinates on map 1, map 2, map 3, Pando/Ranhaa’rr and Apulune/Iris. Locate the correct place and name the NPC which is located there for each map.

    The name of the correct NPC you can submit here:

    Form for Location/NPC Hunt


    • x:840.014 y:15.352 z:740.033
    • x:633.338 y:54.902 z:958.403
    • x:780.985 y:27.209 z:1464.244
    • x:892.076 y:15.928 z:1225.149
    • x:343.141 y:26.940 z:240.195


    • x:1100.606 y: 73.740 z:975.922
    • x: 657.585 y: 4.875 z: 1649.141
    • x: 520.650 y:31.980 z: 1383.438
    • x:922.089 y:39.770 z: 956.719
    • x: 635.071 y: 42.740 z: 279.820

    2. Task: Easter Art

    Be Creative! Take a nice screenshot of your character and create a nice easter themed picture. How you will illustrate the picture will be up to you but following objects have to be in it:

    • At least one easter bunny.
    • At least two baby chicken
    • At least three violets or tulips

    Let your imagination run wild!

    3. Task: Comic

    Easter in Danger ! (Easter comic event)

    What do you see in this text?

    Oh no – What happened here?

    The easter bunny’s little helper were just preparing everything for easter. Filling nests with eggs, wrapping up chocolate bunnies and decorate everything.

    But the evil strawman was up to mischief in the beautiful forest.

    In this task it is up to you how to illustrate the comic.

    Chicks, bunnies, eggs, lambs, bees and flowers.

    A ninja easter bunny which tries to save everything?

    Shaiya robots as evil sidekicks of the strawman?

    An affair which leads to a betrayal of the easter bunny?

    Why not! XD

    Butterblume, Hummelmann, Osterhasi und Osterlamm

    are looking forward to your help - or you not going to o.o?

    Are you part of the good or the evil side o.O?

    Those are only examples

    – you can use those ideas as inspiration – but you don’t have to!

    Be creative! – overflow the picture with decoration – or stay subtle.

    Speech bubbles for everyone or just a few? It’s up to you!

    EVERYTHING is possible – as long as it fits the main topic

    Well… of course there are a few rules in the end *rofl*:

    • Have the Shaiya rules in mind! (e.g. „F*** das s*** a******“ is an absolute fail!)
    • At least two speech bubbles and ten decorations have to be in your comic.

    And as always we wish you all a lot of fun! ^-^


    (click to enlarge)

    4. Task: Puzzle

    The old easter bunny master Lampe was passing time with solving a puzzle, when suddenly a small accident happened.

    Some of the parts fell down on the floor and spread across the room. Since master Lampe has bad sight, he can only find one or two pieces each day. Everytime he finds one he puts it into the puzzle right away. As he slowly solves the puzzle each day, he remembers long forgotten memories to places which he wants to find as fast as possible. Can you help master Lampe to find the names of those places?

    Find the forgotten place and make a picture with its name!

    Send us your screenshots here:

    Puzzle-Event Form

    Puzzle: Dark


    Puzzle Light:


    5. Task: Animal Hunt

    Everyone was invited to the big easter celebration party, but seven animals gone astray. Can you help us find one animal every three days so everyone can be at the party the right time?

    Here are the animals you have to find:

    This is your last one!

    Light: Wilieoseu Big Gray Wolf

    Dark: Großer Grauwolf

    IMPORTANT: The submit time ends after we announce the next animal. Submits after the announcement will not be counted. Every third day around 12pm CET we will announce another animal. You can find all of the seven animals on Map 2, Map 3, Pando/Ranhaa`rr, Valdemar Regnum/Palaion Regnum and Pantanassa/Theodores. If you found an animal, take a screenshot and include the minimap (cause time and date are important!) and submit it to following form:

    Animal Hunt Form

    Event ends in: