Halloween Patch October 2017

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    Halloween Patch - The Nightmare before Halloween

    Shadows of a thousand years rise again unseen. Voices whisper in the trees, 'Tonight is Halloween!'

    • Mad Pumpkin Hunt Quest!

      Ready to hunt some pumpkins? You can find new NPC - Jack the Skeleton from the Land of Halloween, also known as THE GREAT PUMPKIN KING! You can find this NPC in Apulune [AoL] and in Iris [UoF]


      This NPC have for you new quest for new, halloween wings!

      unknown.png Shaiya_Halloween_365x212px.gif

      And you here you can see the quest's description:


      The Mad Pumpkeen Qeen have spawn on pvp maps (D-Water, Proelium, Cantabilian, Kanos Illum, Deep Desert 1) in random places and in random time!


      And you can get from she 3 kinds of Pumpkins: a Golden Pumpkin, a Silver Pumpkin and a Bronze Pumpkin. You need to collect them all.



      The halloween wings can be transfered to your other toon on the same account. More info about it here: Free transfer of Halloween-Wings!

    • The Halloween Event is live!

      - The event begins on the 10th of October (3PM) and ends on the 10th of November (before midnight).

      - Just like last year's invasion, zombies and other bosses will appear on PvP maps.

      Here's a rundown of locations where the Halloween zombies will spawn:

    • PvP 15 Proelium
    • PvP 30 Cantabilian
    • PvP 80 Kanos Illium

      - Zombies will appear randomly every several hours, all day long, in random places on these maps! Before each spawn, an in-game message will appear.

      - The following bosses will also await you:

    • Diabolical Proelium Bunny (PvP 15)
    • Diabolical Cantabilium Bunny (PvP 30)
    • Deinos, Natarios and Kirhioss (randomly, PvP 60)
    • Seraphim and Dios (randomly, PvP 80)

      - Naturally, you'll have the chance to visit Halloween NPCs. The Halloween witches Esther (Keolloseu) and Aishya (Gliter) will offer the daily quests "Witch's Gift" and "Witch Doesn't Lie" for the event's duration!


      UoF location: Near Gate Keeper to Iris

      AoL location: Near the fountain and Guild Manager

      And the Candy pieces for quest you can got in Loot Wheel as a free reward in every 6 hours.

      main website -> item mall -> free rewards


      - These NPCs also sell the Halloween Surprise Box. Opening it will activate a crafting window in which you can use items dropped by zombies to get Halloween consumables. Please keep in mind that there's a chance the process could fail!



      Happy Halloween! Have some spooky fun out there!

      Your GS and GM Team