Bingo 2014

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  • Hello,

    A patch will be applied on live server on 01/21/2014 and will bring the following changes :

    • Statistics of Imperial Gear for the Light faction will be improved so that they match the statistics of the Fury Imperial Gear. Details below (stats shown are the ones that will be applied after the patch is implemented) :

      • Fighter:
        * Imperial Thorns Armor : STR+10 | REC+7 (before, REC+5)
        * Imperial Thorns Pants : STR+8 | REC+6 (before, REC+5)
        * Imperial Horizon Gauntlets : STR+3 | REC+2 (before, STR+5)
        * Imperial Horizon Walkers : STR+2 | DEX+0 | REC+1 (before, DEX+5)
      • Ranger:
        * Imperial Pacific Armor : DEX+10 | LUC+7 (before, DEX+5)
        * Imperial Pacific Pants : DEX+8 | LUC+6 (before, DEX+5)
        * Imperial Swift Gauntlets : STR+0 | DEX+3 | LUC+2 (before, STR+5)
        * Imperial Swift Walkers : DEX+2 | LUC+1 (before, LUC+5) ż
      • Mage:
        * Imperial Genius Armor : INT+10 | WIS+7 (before, INT+5)
        * Imperial Genius Pants : INT+8 | WIS+6 (before, WIS+5)
        * Imperial Wise Gauntlets : INT+3 | WIS+2 (before, WIS+5)
        * Imperial Wise Walkers : INT+2 | WIS+1 (before, WIS+5)

    • Lapis Extractor will be reintroduced in game with working absorption formula : if extractor is down, regular absorption formula (that depends on the level of enchantment of your gear) will be applied. If extractor is up, special absorption formula will be applied (base of 45-50 absorption for everyone and only 1-2 absorption damage per level of enchantment). The extractor needs to be destroyed so that the regular absorption formula is applied.
    • Absorption generated by enchanting your equipment will be properly applied (since the extractor issue is now fixed).
    • Attack power will be reverted back to what it was at episode 6.4, while keeping a boost of magic attack for mages/pagans (that should be reduced now that the absorption will be working fine).

      Short explanations : Nexon has decided to take back these values from episode 6.4 as they were working fine, while still giving a boost for mages/pagans. The boost cannot be applied for specific levels, so it was applied for all mages/pagans so that level 80 pagans/mages have still some power. Please note that the magic power from mages/pagans is slightly higher than what it is currently on live, but this effect should be reduced by the absorption that will be working normally again (and priests/oracles will not hit as hard as before, unless they have some INT, as the magic multiplier for WIS has been set to 0 - which doesn't mean that WIS doesn't give magic power, but just that the multiplier for every WIS point has been removed).
    • Rotation event will be deactivated (to prevent further server crashes). However, popular items from the Rotation event will be added to the Free Loot Box that will be updated on 01/21.
    • Bingo coins will be removed (so that everybody has a fresh start with the new Bingo event, see below).
    • New Bingo event will be available in game, starting from January 21st through February 28th (with feedback taken from this thread for new rewards). We will not disclose the list of items to keep it a surprise, but we have taken into account your suggestions (even though not all of them were applied - especially for Kill Boost stones).

    We thank you for your patience, and we will update this post if we have more information to share or additional fixes before the application of this patch on live this Tuesday. We will open a separate thread once the patch is applied so that you can report possible issues, as we cannot test everything after every patch (for example, we cannot review all items, all skills, all quests, all NPCs... that are in the database).


    by [GM]Skudy