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At the moment, the consumer advice centre is warning of an increased volume of phishing e-mails.

Unfortunately, we have recently received more and more information that there are also e-mails in circulation that advertise an Aeria competition.

Such a competition does not exist. This is an unauthorized promotion.

In the email you will be asked to follow a link and on a deceptively real copy of our website you will be asked to enter your account information.

If you have received such a message, please delete it immediately. Please do not click on the link and never enter your account information on other websites.

If you have already followed a link from such a message, immediately change your password using the "Forgot your password?“ function on the website of your game.

Before you enter your account name and password, you should always check the URL of the website you are currently on.

    Please specify rule #1 for canta. where are the borders? Are we alowed to pass the guards and gate? Some aol players say it alowed and they are not getting banned when they enter fury base and start killing ppl, so maybe they are right. Please specify clear rules for all zones and maybe even pics and maps to prevent confusion. ty ?(

    While I will agree that part of the wording in rule 1 is unclear, "Raiding the opposite faction’s base is not allowed" and "because it's not honorable killing afk people"are very clear statements. Also, rule 4 has a very clear statement: "Foxing into another Factions Base, or foxing/kiting past ANY GUARDS, is also considered a Terrain Exploit."

    In the past, we (Canta PVPers) have been told not to go pass the one hit guards (blue titled guards) and yet when it continued to happen the faction (which was being raided at the time) lost people that were willing to come into the zone. Back in EP6 (I think it was) that maps had been made designating the "No enter" zones, people still did enter those areas and once again the opposite faction lost players willing to come on the PVP map. Both factions have done it over the years, does this make it right? Using a terrain exploit is exploiting a bug which is a violation of Player Ethics. Killing people that are afk in their base has always seemed wrong to me and according to rule 1 this practice is not "honorable killing".

    I realize that in the end, everyone will do what their conscience allows them to do. So when people tell you that they are not being banned for something, ask yourself "how do they even know that they are being reported?" Over the years, I have known a lot of people that wouldn't take the time to make out a ticket.

    Read the rules for yourself, interpret them for yourself, use your morals and ethics when you apply the rules to the game that you play. And know that you can encourage people to come to a zone by playing/killing honorably or discourage people from coming to a zone by playing/killing in a less honorable way.

    .c25 is usually because it can't find your Config.ini and/or UpdateVersion.ini files. Most likely you will have to do a clean install.

    To do so:

    Completely uninstall the game.

    Run CCleaner to get the directory clean.

    Delete your browser history and then reboot your computer.

    Then download and install the game. (Danza has posted a thread for an unofficial client download here )


    I am serving up a Shaiya Feast. All ingredients are from the game (no outside ingredients were used).

    Starting from top left and going clockwise; Miracle Marinade to barbecue your favorite meats and fruits, Heavenly Crayfish Herb Boil with ice cream on top of rice cakes drizzled with maple pure, Banana-Berry Fruit Compote Flambe, Melon Champagne Punch, Crowley's Sweet Ferocious Sandwich.

    To make the Miracle Marinade:

    Torin Plum

    Aging Juice

    Silverhawk Beer

    Spirit Lost

    Magic Herb

    Mix all ingredients together. Soak meat and/or vegetables at least 2 hours before grilling.

    To make Heavenly Crayfish Herb Boil:


    Red Craydish

    Green Herb

    Tears of Goddess

    Holywater of Prolelium

    Combine Tears of Goddess and Holywater of Prolelium. Bring to a rolling boil. Add crayfish and green herb. Bring back to a boil and cook an additional 10 minutes.

    To make Banana-Berry Fruit Compote Flambe:

    Blood Berry

    Stamina Berry

    Golden Banana

    Green Banana

    Fresh Banana

    Soul Banana

    Rice Cake

    Maple Pure

    Bugset Guild Special bourbon

    Whisk together Maple Pure and Bugset Guild Special bourbon. Soak berries and bananas in the maple/bourbon mixture for 4 hours.

    To serve; Place a scoop of the marinated mixture on a rice cake. Drizzle some bourbon on top and light on fire.

    To make Melon Champagne Punch:

    Haldeck Champagne

    Insect's Juice

    Holywater of Cantabilian

    Melon Ice Cream


    Combine all ingredients and float grape ice cream on top.

    To make Crowley's Sweet Ferocious Sandwich:

    Rib of Ferocious Beast

    Sweet Cheese

    Emergency Food

    Crowley's Mushroom Layer rib, cheese, mushroom on emergency food. Cut in half and enjoy!!!!

    Bon appetit :P

    While I mostly play orc in Canta, I am sure that the healers in 15 have heard this phrase "Dispel only." When I have heard it I have wondered if that player really knows what they are asking of the healer, oftentimes the only healer in a raid for the 15 and 30 zones. So I would like to provide some facts about various skills.

    Fighter/Warrior skill Charge has a range of 20m

    Archer/Hunter skill Long Range adds 3m to any attack

    Most of their attack skills have a range of 24m

    (These 2 skills alone mean they can disrupt, possibly kill, the healer from a range of 30m.)

    Mage/Pagan skill Meteor has a range of 42m

    A few of their skills are set for 30m

    But most are at 27m

    (And why most that play this class insist on being the front line, I will never understand.)

    Ranger/Assassin skill Mental Storm has a range of 13m

    Priest/Oracle skill Hasty Heal has a range of 30m

    Most healing skills have a range of 27m

    However, Dispel has a range of 21m

    At a healer's max healing skill range, the range classes have skills that can disrupt the cast. When you ask for dispel only, healers become the main target very quickly. Virtually sacrificing the healer, yourself, and the possibly the entire raid during a push.. I realize that it is hard on the melee class to break away from a battle to get within range for dispel but they can help themselves by being aware of the debuffs on them.


    These 2 debuffs level 1 Dispel cannot clear, potion has to be used to get rid of them. Please notice what each does as one decreases the defenses and the other decreases the HP. Help yourself and your healer by using potions, please.


    Most healers will try to dispel when it is possible.

    Be thankful that there is a healer in the raid to begin with, being a PVP healer is not the simplest class to play.


    A glimpse back at how Canta PVP was before the Penta Supply Base. For all those that lived it, a trip down memory lane. For those that never knew it, a brief peek at history.



    This rogue class uses stealth and deception to be one of the scariest class you will ever face. They unleash the most damage in short bursts more than any other class. Rogues are small, skinny, fast and very powerful. Using their disguise and stealth skills, rogues take their fierceness up close and personal,

    A challenge faced when playing this class is properly chaining the skills, however it is the skills that make sins and rangers fun to play. Be forewarned that leveling may seem tedious at times since killing is done on a one to one basis. Without remarkable AOE skills, this class is hard up to find a party but can duo with most other classes. If you enjoy challenges try out this special character, it is one of the strongest in Shaiya. ;)

    For about a week now, everyone is getting that message. And everyone is waiting for the techs to resolve the problem.

    Why make an Oracle (Priest)?

    This class relies on the spiritual nature of the Vail (humans) to heal allies.

    Oracles (priests) are an essential class. The oracle's (priest's) main function in battle is to heal. Whether your allies are fighting mobs or the opposite faction, it is your main priority to heal and dispel. And the ability to resurrect our comrades is an extremely useful skill and a must when UM characters are in the party.

    Oracles (priests) are a versatile class. We can be healer, borc (battle priest), or tank and we can solo, duo, or join parties to gain EXP or kill points. Our buffs increase HP, STR, REC, WIS, SP, ranged attack and ranged defense. Our WIS gives us a high resistance to magical attacks, making us a threat to mages (pagans).

    However, in PVP, we are usually the first target since we can make a difference in whether a battle is won or lost. Just being attacked can prevent us from healing or dispelling. And being one of the squishier classes we die easily.

    Fkey is a term that is often heard in raids.

    It simply means to use the "F" on your keyboard to attack the same target as the main damage doer.

    There are two ways of targeting the main damage doer - by clicking on them with your mouse or by using your keyboard.

    This is a basic how-to explanation on using the keyboard..


    Notice the orange circle around the F1 - F6 function keys. These keys coincide with the designated positions on the active raid tab.

    Once you have targeted the main damage doer pressing "F" will choose the same target as that player.

    Coordinating attacks in this manner can and often do win battles. ;)

    Shaiya does not assign servers as PVE or PVP. PVP is restricted to certain maps (Prolelium, Cantabilian, D-Water, Jungle, Deep Desert, Valdemar Regnum, Palaion Regnum, Kanos Ilium, Canyon of Greed, Caelum Greendieta, Caelum Sacra, Tragos Cavum (D1), Water Dragon Lair (D2)).

    Your choice of server will determine where your character(s) and items are stored on the servers.

    Have fun in the game. ;)

    Sorry, I can't re-create your problem. Maybe send in a ticket with a fraps video so that the developers can see what the issue is that you are experiencing.

    Originated mainly as a Canta PVP guild in 2009. If interested you can find me in Canta 7 days a week. I prefer talking with people before accepting them into the guild. :*

    If you are asking what I think you are asking. In game, go into System Settings / User Settings / then check the Inverse Mouse Button. (This will make everything be left click not right click.)