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At the moment, the consumer advice centre is warning of an increased volume of phishing e-mails.

Unfortunately, we have recently received more and more information that there are also e-mails in circulation that advertise an Aeria competition.

Such a competition does not exist. This is an unauthorized promotion.

In the email you will be asked to follow a link and on a deceptively real copy of our website you will be asked to enter your account information.

If you have received such a message, please delete it immediately. Please do not click on the link and never enter your account information on other websites.

If you have already followed a link from such a message, immediately change your password using the "Forgot your password?“ function on the website of your game.

Before you enter your account name and password, you should always check the URL of the website you are currently on.

    Rise and Shaiya!

    Another day, another forum event!

    Easter is bringing you joy, chocolate eggs, chocolate and… more eggs!

    Our Easter over here at Gamigo could not be different…

    So CM Erinnyes from Defiance 2050 was kind enough to get us this big jar full of chocolate eggs!
    thank you GIF

    Well, back to us: can you girls and boys help us count how many eggs will be devoured by the team?

    Your mission: estimate how many chocolate eggs this jar contains!


    Get the exact amount right and you will win our newest pet: Easter Bunny! A permanent one. ;)

    Rules, rules, rules:

    • Leave your comment stating your estimation; a number.
    • Along with your estimation, leave your character name. (correct spelling please! haha)
    • You can only participate once.
    • Numbers shall not be repeated; if 14 is your lucky number but it’s already taken: choose another one. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • Our event will end on the 23rd of April!

    Prizes, prizes, prizes:

    • Participation Prize: 7day Package + 5 Mysterious Easter Basket
    • Good Guess Prize: Easter Bunny (30d)
      • If you get the frame estimation correct. Let’s say the correct amount is x, so those who estimate a number between x - 5 and x + 5 will get the prizes.
      • Example: correct number is 1000. If you guessed between 995 and 1005 you get the prizes!
    • And if you take an Accurate Guess...

    mike tyson darts GIF

    Well, if you show to be that good at guessing we can’t help it but giving you a permanent Easter Bunny pet!


    One more thing: Prizes are cumulative! ;)

    Be fast and take a guess before someone else types that lucky number before you!

    Alea jacta est!

    Your Shaiya Team

    Thank you all so much!

    Our biggest winner is Tronpix from SYPT! :)


    And our runner up here is: Karadul !!!

    happy stephen colbert GIF

    Please choose your reward and send us your character name! ;)

    Xmas Facebook Banner Event

    Greeting, Shaiyans!

    It's almost Xmas!!!!!

    excited the office GIF

    That beautiful time of the year that we can finally get together with our entire family!

    (for only 15 minutes, enough time to grab some food and then go hide with our laptops :/)

    Thus, it is more than appropriate that we promote yet another xmas event! :love:

    This year, we would like to see how creative our players can be!!!

    So your task is: creating a new Christmas themed banner.

    Your creation is going to be displayed in ALL of our Facebook pages! Wow!

    phoebe cates christmas movies GIF

    Yes... all of them.

    That's why we thought the winner should have a really nice prize. Here we go:

    Winner Rewards

    1. (SP) Christmas Goat PERMANENT8)

    2. our newest xmas costume 30d

    3. Brave Rerio 30d

    4. UM level package
    oh my god wow GIF

    For our Runner-ups

    - you can choose the pet (30d) or the costume(30d) listed above

    - UM level package

    clapping applause GIF by San Diego Zoo

    "Ok, so can I just send any image, any size, any format? Can I send, like 2 ima--"

    One sec, pal, shall we?


    - one entry per player

    - entries shall be posted here on this thread

    - the image shall not disrespect copyright

    - the image shall be .jpeg

    - the image shall be 851 px wide / 315 px tall

    - we will have one winner considering all 6 languages

    - each language will have one runner-up

    Deadline: December 14th, 2018 (23:59 CET time)

    Eyjafjallajökull Nickname Forum Event

    Greetings, Shaiyans!

    You probably know by now that Eyjafjallajökull is our newest Pet!

    It’s not just a badass looking one - ROSANA will collect gold and items for you!

    Dog What GIF by Nebraska Humane Society

    Yes, you read it right: Rosana.

    Well, its name is quite complicated you all will agree… So I decided to name it “Rosana”.

    I’m just INCAPABLE of saying /eiakajakafela/ or whatever that is.

    Arnold Schwarzenegger I Give Up GIF by Jerology

    So… what nickname would YOU give it?


    Best nicknames win!

    1st: “Rosana” 30d

    2nd: 5x Shiny Raptor Egg

    3rd: 2x Shiny Raptor Egg

    And more!

    Theres More Cole Sprouse GIF

    Yes, there will also be a Survivor Pet raffle for our participants!

    Survivor Pets are unlocked depending on how many players participate:

    5 entries: x1 Survivor Pet

    10 entries: x3 Survivor Pet

    15 entries: x6 Survivor Pet

    And so on...


    Only one entry per language.

    One nickname per participant.

    The event will be live for 14 days.

    CMs will choose the best nicknames.

    Inappropriate names will be automatically disqualified.


    We are working for new content. (:

    And yes, I do plan on spending time in-game. ^^

    Just give me a little bit more time, but you might just bump into me in the following days!

    Hey, Shaiyans! How’s it going?

    So first of all, we have some news.

    On one hand, our dear friend Bodhisattva is not part of our team anymore as he has been moved to another one.

    Goodbye GIF

    On the other hand...

    I’m Kyrie, and I'm really excited about this new quest as your brand new Community Manager! 8)

    Nice to meet you all :)

    Handshake GIF

    I’ve just joined Shaiya team and now I’m dedicating myself to improving the game so we can keep on having fun!

    I'm not new to games as they have actually been a great deal of my life.

    It is a pleasure to work with something that is not only a hobby but also a passion of mine!

    Please, feel free to reach me on the Forum or on our Discord channel.

    So stay tuned for upcoming events and other exciting news ;)

    I wish you all a lovely week!

    See you!