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    Last time, it was postponed to Sunday, there are now different ideas on the hour of 30 event hun, according to what the majority of 30 players say, we will either keep this hour and try on Saturday or have it on Sunday

    last time on saturday it failed .. just have it on sunday

    you should spread events out so pple atleast can witness 1 event in there weekend.

    if you are intrested in one of my 15 sets im selling em pretty cheap.

    1x 15 warrior set STR maxed 2 tops/ 4 max flash spears.

    1x 15 pagan set INT maxed 3 tops/ 4 staffs. + a debuff degger

    1x 15 pagan set INT maxed 2 tops/1 daggar.

    1x 15 assassin set DEX Maxed 1.5 tops/ 3.5 weapons. (2 heroic claws).

    1x 15 priest set REC maxed 3 tops/ 2(heroic weapons rec and wis build).

    This gear makes you a tank.


    Seriously ?

    what kinda retarded time is that to have an event ?

    maybe you are all rich and dont have to work for your money but all i know is that

    people are working at that time in America.

    cant you move this to a Saturday or a sunday ?

    i hope your planning on keeping the zone alive and not having only 5 people showing up simply cause they are all at work.


    How come CMs GMs are never online into the game? I find that there should be more powerfull pple online that are able to take quick action when needed.

    Also so they can listen to the people that are not common with the forums or discord.

    Also what do you know about the game and what would you change about it?

    BL4CKSTAR ;)


    The problem us that the bosses that dropped something were from earlier episodes, bosses that are now 1or 2 hits for a maxed person. Cause the lvls changed and the links changed (higher lvl lapis) more stats.

    Also the drops are outdated for bosses.

    GMs have to understand that items back then are worthless now.

    Same with pvp maps they have those featherbosses, but as a non geared new player its impossible to kill.

    So the only pple helped with this are pvpers.

    What GMs should do is make bosses spauwn in various pve maps, so the 1st map the boss drops imperial gear and maybe a triple craft shrewd or mystic lapis.

    In the second map a boss that drops a legendary piece and the same kinda lapis.

    Also a better droprate on lapisias would be nice.

    And honnestly take the freaking ticket quest away out of the dungeon.

    Its retarded to see most of the players in the gane just sitting ontop of eachoter idle just pressing the quests.

    Pple should go in dungeon should have to make parties to be able to survive.

    I remember going in a dungeon were there was good exp but you needed a whole party to be able to survive.

    People were calling to make a perfect party to double the exp.

    All im saying is that people should be able to make some basic gear. So they can atleast handle the bosses in the pvp zones so they can farm feathers and sell them for 5 ops and keep doing that till they get the big items.

    BL4CKSTAR 8)


    I am mainly a 15 pvper and have noticed that 15 pvp is comming back to life slowly.

    I am extremly excited for this.

    I have asked GS tsuji if it would be possible to do more events in 15 and 30 to boost the zones a little.

    I have heard that next weekend we are gonna get a kill the GS event in 15 and 30.

    If people are searching for a set for then.

    Im selling:

    15 warrior set 2 tops 4 spears (all max flash) maxed out

    15 pagan set 3 tops 5 weapons (one of them debuff) maxed out

    15 pagan set 2 tops 1 weapon (dagger)

    15 priest set 3 tops 2 heroic weapons (wis, rec) full rec set ( can take some pple on him and still heal pretty good)

    More people should join 15 on both factions cause the pvp requirs more skill.

    Noone can use rank stats and everyone is the same.

    Also sets dont cost to much.

    BL4CKSTAR :*

    you understand me wrong.

    Figh def have a shield in 30 wch gives them 5 extra slots.

    In 15 fig def have 3 slots extra cause of the shield aswell....

    This is an unfair advantage. Thays why i said give the 6 slot weapons back the??? 196 and ???197 if i remwmber corectly they moved the lvl of those from 1 to 70 wch doesnt make sence cause now fighters and defenders are simply unkillable

    Hello Shaiyaner,

    As it was already told, the change of the restriction will come. We can't give you a date when this will happen, as you also know we have other priorities what we need to implement before :) (But yes, Cheese and Nostrum are also a priority)


    while your at it ,maybe give the priests orcs pagans and mages ther 6 slot staffs back in 15 and 30.

    were does it make sence that fighter defenders have 3 lots more in 15 and 5 slots more in 30.


    As usual you all went off Topic and started PVP QQ's in this Forum about Eteo's or no Eteo's

    And you wonder why this Game is Dieing

    stop posting dumb statments.

    we are talking about the reasons pvp is dieing:



    ELLIGAL GEAR ... ...

    we never went off topic.

    its almost every time about cheese so read again.


    my accusation was " you have to many its overcall "

    And it was 5 vs1.

    Not to forget that they all joined 1 at a time every time you failed 1 more joined.

    Trust me i havent changed either.

    I just guess that playing darks realized what a bunch of unfair cheesing lil bastards you AOL kids realy are lmao.

    But hey i FCed because AOL realy were a bunch of kids ( annoying as hell).

    I indeed asked you if you wanted to FC with us cause you were a friend and we asked a few friends we had if they wanted to.

    You said no. (wch is not a big deal. The friends i have on AOL are still my friends)

    When i came on light side after the 5v1 overcall. My blame was towards Ozone.

    But as soon as i started talking and said "pvp is done ty for ruining it " Ozone laughed like it was funny that he killed pvp in an already almost dead zone.

    So yea my blame went towards him, and you went in full defence FOR HIM.

    I mean i expect everyone in this game to be 18+ cause those are the requirments to play this game.

    But d4mn iv never seen an 18 year old that still needs to get his 4ss wiped after he took a dump.

    He left... And you kept spamming me trying to defend his ego.

    I even had to ask you to talk for yourself and not for others. But you felt like you should keep going.

    BTW you talk about galit and MMHA,

    Im sorry but those are the most legit players in 15.

    So stop saying some random names of pple you honnestly never have talked to before.


    Play fair

    Dont cheese

    And dont overcall

    I always mind my own business ;)

    i love when ppl ( Barbie) trow an insult at obviously who ..; cause the only one she is

    having a bad experiance is me lmao.

    1/2 lesser hp pots hmmmmmm i wonder what those are lmao.

    so lets say regnum and archanes on a fighter and arcanes and regnums on barbie her defender lmao,

    then not to forget your both good friends with IamGun who also suddenly appeared lmao.

    uses regnum, arcane and cheese ( and prolly what ever else he can get his hands on lolololol)

    BTW GUN its hard to understand what you are talking about, i guess you mean that if you come 1v1 vs me i cant kill you with my pagan. so id have to call?

    Well look i have a guard aswell. i DONT use cheese on both characters its already useless to even 1v1 u cause you will just spam the cheese and you will stay alive.

    but i never call when i can do a job myself unlike O zone and barbie.

    barbie keeps whining about O zone his pots and that he only got 2 kinds of pots? well 1 Deadly Strike from a fighter is always close to 10k damadge.

    they had a fighter and a defender and a priest.

    ( priest can heal Ozone easely and keep him from dieing)

    then you came as a 4th person against 1 full attack pagan lolz

    i cant defend myself against 2 deadly strikes and all the stunns that come with a defender and then ontop of that all the heals lolz.

    ( not to forget Barbie uses a stun weapon).

    ofc you gonna make 1 mad and annoyed.

    even if i came on my guard it would have been overcall and to much to handle.

    i use Regnums Arcanes and Holy waters <( that everyone can farm)

    I went to AOL to tell them they Ruined pvp by overcalling and ofc you guys can never just take that as an answer why pvp stops.


    anyway i remember Barbie when she had a mage in 15 she stopped playing it for a reason ..... dont have to think hard why.....

    Mages are squishy as hell and thats the truth, so atleast she should know way better.

    and honnestly BARBIE this aint anything about beighn Rude ... when i come on AOL its for a reason.

    to tell you, you made the same stupid mistake again ( overcalling ).

    just learn to suck it up and see your mistakes.

    we have been fighting together in 15 on AOL for so long YOU ME AND WHITE.

    we always agreed on everything.

    now that i went to Fury you completly dissagree with me and everything i say while nothing changed its pathatic realy.


    Rude darky?

    Dont overcall next time 8)

    My pagan vs you and o zone.

    You were both looking realy confused when you got killed by one pagan.

    But hey let zone whine more about that he only got one pot lols.

    And that he doesnt spend any AP on this game.

    While hes running around with a crit monkey.

    Its ok Barbie you can call me rude all you want i know its me you are talking about 8)

    I dont have to call 5 pple for 1 mage :*

    BL4CKSTAR :?:


    I see that nothing is changing.

    it has been 15 days now since the time that we couldnt vote anymore.

    im sorry it takes them 10 mins to get cheese in the game.

    but now over 15 days of pure silence. not even hearing a word about it.

    How long does it take to get cr4p out of the game IT IS RUINING YOUR GAME.. WAKE UP.

    keep hearing these useless GSes telling me we send it in we did this we did that.

    nothing changes.

    Maybe its time for me to leave this game as well.


    White still using cheese on warrior 😉

    know when to talk gun.

    when you 4 lamos came out it was 4vs 1 .. white wasnt even there so dream on TY.

    you use cheese.

    Altumur USes cheese Ons uses cheese

    and we are always fighting them.

    look at how you make a statement... ofc she uses she always gets ganged y multible AOL all using cheese.


    Why do you use 3-4 pots if you dont care to die?

    you come with 2 maxed fighters a maxed defender and a priest vs 1 pagan (ME).

    And your gonna cry about Arcanes Regnums and the big holyWater pots tht everyone can farm ? .... ok sure go ahead be all mad.

    sorry i use Holy waters and your to lazy to go farm them.

    seriously dude get a life.

    you got dropped in 1v1 vs me and you overcalled. then when you have 4vs 1 you start laughing when i tell you sorry but pvp is done.

    do the math you got 4 pple that are using atleast 2 pots. so in total thats 8 pots ... do you hear me cry ? lmao i still came out i still tried but you called till the point i was only dieing and i gained nothing out of it.

    BUT YEAAA im using 3 pots rediculous. -____-

    Play fair

    dont overcall

    and dont cheese ppl

    BL4CKSTAR <3

    While I understand the reasoning, I hate to see anyone quit a zone. Each zone is like a family and losing a family member is always a sad thing.

    i dont know what happend to this game that makes people so scared to die.

    does it have to do with people laughing when the other dies and the other not wanting anything else to not die so they dont get laughed with.


    i remember 15 pvp longgg ago when pple were rocking on noble and worship gear.

    people died- buffed -went out - died again ..... repeat.

    noone gave 2 damns about deaths ( because hey do they metter ? 0.0) .

    this is what a linked event in 15 used to look like..... and trust me its not just 1 raid its more then 1 lmao.

    not me playing in it but original shaiya video

    why cant we have this anymore.

    why did pple not care back then to die and is this such a big deal now ?


    If the Recycle Shop returned, and HT's were in it, do you think they should still be trade-able? I do, but don't know if it would be that much of a priority if accessible via game farming.

    All i know is that the recycling shop is closed and not working for a long time now .... seems like they aint gonna fix it either.

    so they should make em tradeble or get that stupid recycling cr4p back up and working


    I don't mind Charge. A bit annoying some times but don't last long. When I get hit by black hole I have about 0-5% chance of survival. Maybe War/Fig need it against "Hard to kill" targets but against Mage/Pag it's over kill. ^^

    I changed my build last 15% linking event and sacrificed some attack to increase def and HP but wars are stiil deadly. But that's ok.

    ok but you do undrstand that blackholing omone thats on the move is hard right ?

    we always charge to make you stand still ... to then BH you. so it all starts with charge

    This should be possible,

    they already made it so pple can get there own max Ojs and apply it to there gears themselves.

    the system that you say is in one way dangerous cause pple that break into your account will be able to steal your costumes mounts ..... aswell.

    but on the other hand your completly right that this would stop scammers.

    its so easy to scam someone in this game.

    like you said you should be able to click the itemtransfer so it pops open a trading tab were you can simply trade it with the other person.


    As I know it 15 and Canta as noss free zones or have been for a long time on this server. Some blame the Eteo cheese, so we made a new poll vote here....

    Eteo Cheese . We are trying to listen. I'm sorry you think the events for 15 are too rare but most of the times lately when we have tried to do one, the gs team has ran into a lot of opposition. Maybe we can push for more in the future. Low geared farmers however shouldn't be farming in a pvp zone but thats just my opinion.

    I know a lot of people like to be an 4ss in this game more then just to have some fun.

    the problem with like kill the GS has been that the groups were un even more AOL this time then another time More UOF.

    WH1TESTAR and myself made light chars on AOL 15 now to just to help out in these kinds of events.

    its only 2 people but i know a lot of people that play 15 and have 1000s of ops just sitting there.

    im sure if more people do this... we can make some pvp happen.


    Maybe remove Black hole from fig/war and give it to sin/Ran? I don't think Fig/War need it. Not with all the hard hitting skills they have.

    i dont know about Blackhole but there charge is so anoying .. the charge is so far that not 1 mage pag skill can load in time to even make the shot LMAO

    have tested it with white in 15 its rediculous.

    they should not take charge away from a war/fig but make it less long range ...

    also they have to make the DS weaker on a fighter.. i mean were does it make sence that even on a maxed 15 pagan i get 10 k ds from a fighter and the poor thing doesnt even have 11 k hp lmao.

    i think all the classes that are ranged and have a lot of long loading skills should be made stronger.

    BL4CKSTAR :/

    It doesnt take em any time to poo out a new costume tho lolz.

    like i said before, they are waisting more time on things that pay them amediatly then looking further into the future. we have been losing players for some years now.

    i still see costumes comming i still see new M boxes comming.....

    they aint doing anything .. and are lieing to you aswell that they are bussy doing something.

    they had the skills before its not hard to simply implement the skills we used to have .. the skills that made the classes more equal.

    your talking like this is rocketscience.

    they are giving everyone some bs excuse and pple are dumb enough to believe it.